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Getting Started

Looking to get started? We’ll help you make the important early decisions that will set you on the path for future success!

» Understand What You Need to Apply for a Degree Program
» Is an Online or On-Campus School Right for Me?

Financial Aid

The articles in this section define types of aid, direct you to helpful scholarships and loans, and answer your most important financial aid related questions.

» Evaluating A School's Financial Aid Offerings
» Determine Your State and Federal Financial Aid Eligibility

Career Info

Chosing your career path is a crucial step in your early education. Here we help you learn about potential professions, career trajectories, trends and more!

» Can I Get a Job With a Degree Earned Online?
» The Five Most In-Demand Professions in the U.S.


This section explains what accreditation is, why it’s important, and how you can be sure that your school is up to standard.

» Understanding the Accreditation Process and How it Affects Students
» Accreditation for Vocational and Certificate Programs
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