Can I Get a Job With a Degree Earned Online?

Years ago, there was a stigma attached to correspondence learning. Once the stuff of late night infomercials, distance learning was not considered to be a true educational experience. Times have since changed. Employers no longer distinguish between those who earn their degrees on-campus or away from campus.

Employers Understand Online Classes

Once you have a degree that you have earned online, you may be nervous about employment applications. This is a common concern, but one that is not based in reality. Employers across the United States have been repeatedly polled about their feelings regarding online education. By a large margin, employers agree that an online education gives you as much training and preparedness for a career as a degree obtained on a traditional college campus. Most employers are well aware of the new reality. Traditional colleges tend to be much more expensive than online universities. Many people work full-time jobs while taking classes, either by choice or by necessity. If you have children, you have yet another time constraint. Taking classes online gives you the opportunity to further yourself in a way that simply wasn't available in the past.

Online Degree vs. On-Campus Degree

Still not convinced that employers will take your degree seriously? Consider this: Almost every institution in the United States has some form of online classes. Even Ivy League schools have some classes that can be taken online. Many colleges and universities offer the option of online learning. The degrees obtained online from colleges that have traditional campuses are no different from those obtained entirely on campus. This means that in many instances potential employers are interviewing candidates without being fully aware of how their degree was obtained. Employers know this and, for the most part, they don't care.

Getting a Job is About More Than Your Degree

Have a degree is a necessity to getting the job you desire. You need the knowledge and training that comes from completing your coursework. Still, when you do begin looking for a permanent position, you have to realize that your college degree or certification is only one of the many factors that play into whether or not you are hired. Employers weigh many factors, including your resume and cover letter, work experience, references, and your personality. The degree gets you in the door, but it is your ability to sell yourself that gets you hired. Most online campuses have Student Services offices that can help you write a resume and can give you tips on how to interview to success.

Online Degrees Can Give You the Edge

Most employers embrace a potential employee that proves he or she is able to acquire a degree away from a traditional classroom. This experience proves that you are able to work independently and succeed without supervision. Employers enjoy working with people who have a proven record of responsibility. Highlight this key skill in your cover letter to remind potential employers of this skill set. Traditional, on-campus students simply cannot prove that they are able to handle immediate independence in the same way that online students can.

An online degree is an excellent way to get started with your education or to further your current career. Take the chance today, right now, to see what your future has in store!

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