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Chosing your career path starts the process of defining your direction in life. Investing in personal education is an investment in your future. Once you have an idea of the career path you want to persue, it’s time to set your sights on the right education that will help you realize your goal. Here are all the programs we have to offer:


Art Art & Design

When a typical student considers a degree in Art & Design, he or she likely thinks of the numerous classes that involve sketching, painting, photography, and animation. The truth is, Art & Design offers so much more than these fundamentals. More importantly, there is no one path for any Art & Design student to pursue. There are multiple fields of study and careers that can grow from this type of degree.

Art & Design students have numerous options for their specific area of study. Those who are skilled in computer graphics can study Graphic Design or Video Game Design along with Animation. Artistically minded individuals may seek a degree that focuses on Interior Design, Fashion Design, Illustration, or even Culinary Arts. These are only some of the choices that are available to Art & Design students.

Once the degree has been achieved, there are a number of careers that are ideal for Art & Design students. Many go on to have successful careers in architecture. Others may enter into advertising, interior decorating, or video production. An artist need not limit him- or herself. An Art & Design degree can lend itself to several rewarding vocations.

Biz Business

Business is often thought of as a "go-to" degree for those entering the corporate world. It is also common for returning students to seek a Business degree to further their own career paths. Business degrees are vital in both of these instances and many others as well. 

A degree in Business prepares students in more ways than one. Many students think of their degree is a means to an end. However, a Business degree can be an end in-and-of itself. When a student takes business classes, he or she learns about policy, economics, and communication. This knowledge and these skills can help in all areas of life. Homemakers can make better spending decisions. Those interested in a life in politics can develop a better understanding of corporations and small business owners. 

Entrepreneurs represent one of the groups that are best suited with a degree in Business. Those who may start their own business can learn vital information from those courses required from a Business degree. Areas of study Accounting, E-Commerce and E-Business, and Public Relations can prove to be invaluable to the small business owner hoping to make it big. Investors, as well, can learn to protect their assets when they know all that is possible.

Computer Computers & Technology

We live during a very exciting time in history. The Age of Technology is rampant with discoveries and constant changes. It seems as though each new day brings about an upgrade, a different tool, or a breakthrough that changes the way we look at the world.

Because of the presence of technology in our day-to-day lives, careers in this field offer some of the highest employment opportunities in the country. Web designers, systems analysts, and technicians are highly sought after in nearly every industry. Whether a student dreams of working with healthcare, corporate business, or the public sector, he or she can reach their goals by choosing a Computers & Technology degree.

The vast world of Computers & Technology lends itself to a wide variety of disciplines. Choose from concentrations such as Data Management, Technical Support, or even Military Technologies, to a name a few. This is a highly competitive field, which is why it is important for even the most skilled individual to have a degree that enhances their skills and hire-ability. Once a student has a degree in Computers & Technology, their chances for employment are excellent, but learning should never stop. Changes in technology require constant upgrades to information. Those who love learning are excellent candidates for Computers & Technology as there can be new and exciting opportunities nearly every day.

Edu Education & Teaching

A degree in Education & Teaching is like no other. Students who choose to pursue an Education degree do so specifically to encourage others to learn. As a student prepares for his or her future in Education & Teaching, they contemplate not only their own paths, but also the paths of those they will shape in the years to come.

Education degrees require that students focus on how to learn and how to teach. Students will earn insight into the psychology of students. Those who have a specific area in mind can choose to focus their studies in that field. Often, a student will choose a major in Education with a minor in their area of expertise. Some who pursue Education & Teaching will look to a specific field of study, such as Early Childhood Education, Language Education, or Special Education. Nearly all students will take part in student teaching, which requires them to obtain on-the-job experiences in a classroom setting. Some programs begin classroom experience fairly early in the learning process. Others may not require that students enter a classroom until their final year(s).

After graduating with an Education & Teaching degree, a student must receive certification in his or her state. Most schools help students achieve their goals for certification, though licenses do vary from state-to-state. The salary a new teacher can expect varies greatly as well. Salaries and benefits packages at public schools are different from those at private schools. Most new teachers can expect to earn between $34,000 and $46,000 in their first year.

Engineering Engineering

A student that studies Engineering is on a path to one of the most lucrative career fields available today. Engineers, on average, earn from the high $70,000-range to the low $100,000-range. Often, they start with lower pays scales, but the best and the brightest can rapidly advance.

Before seeking a career in Engineering, a student should be aware that there are many different paths for engineers. Most Engineering students base their preferred field on their own personal strengths and desires. However, there are a number of other metrics that should be considered prior to declaring a field of study. Civil engineering is the most popular field with the highest employment rate. Likewise, this is also one of the lowest paid engineering positions along with environmental engineering and mechanical engineering. The highest paid engineering positions belong to those who specialize in computer hardware. Nuclear engineering is a close second. One of the most important metrics is the number of jobs available. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers civil, environmental, and biomedical fields as the most sought after engineering jobs in the near future.

Health Health & Medical

Healthcare is a field that is always seeking new blood. Throughout the United States, students with degrees and certification in the Health & Medical field can find jobs that match their skills and desires. These jobs often pay well and include excellent benefits. Most people are well aware of positions as physicians' assistants and medical technicians. However, there are many careers in the Health & Medical field that students may not consider at the outset of their education.

Alternative Medicine is an area of study that is becoming more popular with each passing year. Patients are finding that alternative medicine offers a unique method of combating a range of health issues from obesity to infertility to cancer. When individuals study Alternative Medicine, they prepare themselves for a thrilling future.

A focus on Counseling & Planning combined with a love of art can lead to a career as an art therapist. After a student has achieved his or her undergraduate degree, they can apply to a masters program in Art Therapy. Certification is required to practice in any state. Art lovers can also seek a career as a medical illustrator, which requires both a thorough knowledge of medicine and artistic talent.

Naturally, there are many more career paths that students may consider from the very outset of their education. Dentistry & Oral Science is a popular choice, which can lead to a career as a dentist, oral surgeon, or orthodontist. Of course, there are many more careers in Health and Medicine that are just as exciting and rewarding. In the end, someone who studies Health and Medicine is making the world healthier and happier.

Law Law & Criminal Justice

Law & Criminal Justice degrees are some of the most popular in the United States. The idea of helping others while making the world a safer place is tantamount to any other rewards that careers in Law & Criminal Justice may offer. However, the other rewards are many. The job opportunities associates with Law & Criminal Justice degrees often offer excellent benefits, careers with longevity, and interesting work on a daily basis.

The first position that comes to mind when considering a degree in Law & Criminal Justice is that of a police officer. Students can concentrate on Crime Scene Investigation or Forensics to help them when they reach their ultimate goal on a police force. Of course, this isn't the only future for Law & Criminal Justice majors. Many study Administrative Law or Law & Criminal Justice, which can then lead to a lucrative legal career. Others may have aspirations to work in Criminal Justice at the federal level. These students may choose to concentrate on Homeland Security.

Law & Criminal Justice is not just about working within the justice system. Some students pursue this degree so that they can start their own businesses. The need for private security is on the rise. A concentration in Security & Loss Prevention can help the entrepreneur learn all there is to know about this field. Others may wish to start a private investigation firm. This is an excellent goal, and one that is best served by completing studies in Private Investigation. A degree in Law & Criminal Justice gives students the best start in their careers and lends credence to those who wish to excel.

Nursing Nursing

In study after study, Nursing is the top choice for those who want to make sure that they have a well-paying job with a bright future. Virtually any community in the United States is in need of well-trained nurses. Of course, Nursing is not a one-size-fits-all career.

Prospective nurses can study to become an LPN or an RN. An LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse, provides hands-on care for patients. RNs, or Registered Nurses, have more advanced training. This gives them an opportunity for administrative positions and can also give them a better chance at advancing in their careers. Registered Nurses can then study to receive a Bachelors degree in the Science of Nursing (BSN) and a Masters degree in the Science of Nursing (MSN).

Those who want the stability of a job in healthcare but desire the excitement from travel can find positions in traveling nursing. These jobs can be short- or long-term and often pay at a rate that is competitive with or even higher than traditional nursing jobs. Often, traveling nurses work with a service that places them in their choice of locations. They are generally paid a per diem, which gives them money for food and accommodations along with their standard salary.

Social_science Social Science

Anthropology, Archaeology, Geology, Political Science, and Urban Studies are just some of the concentrations available in the Social Science area of study. Students of Social Sciences may become researchers, teachers and professors, lawyers, sociologists, or business or political leaders. A degree in Social Science gives students a unique set of skills to take with them into the workforce or to expand awareness of the world around them. Urban Studies is a growing field within the Social Sciences. Those who concentrate on Social Sciences can go into public policy, economics, real estate development, and a host of other careers.

There are many other popular concentrations in Social Science. One such concentration is Linguistics. Those who study Linguistics can go on to have a career as a speech pathologist, a translator, or a teacher. Another concentration is Human Services. Human Services students may go on to work in public policy or as community organizers. Social Services and Sociology students may work as counselors or social workers.

Trade_tech Trade & Technical

There are many careers that require training and certification. The most common fields that need career training are also those that have the highest hiring rates in the country.

Skilled professionals that work in areas such as Electrician, Plumbing, and Mortuary and Funeral Services need to be sure that they have all of the educational requirements for certification. A career in HVAC is one that will likely always be in high demand, but requires a great deal of training along with certification.

Automotive Maintenance and Repair is a field that is in need of more and more employees with each passing year. As incomes remain steady for much of the country, people find themselves needing to repair existing vehicles rather than purchasing new ones. Because of this, auto repair personnel are in high demand.

Not all Trade & Technical positions require hands-on labor. Bridal Consulting and Event Planning are fun and creative careers. Other careers, such as those in Cosmetology, Floral Design, and Food Services can be enhanced both by personal skill and by formal education.

The best aspect of these Trade & Technical concentrations is that careers can be obtained through second-parties or through self-owned businesses. Some of the most successful Event Planners and Landscape Designers started their own businesses to achieve wide-reaching and lifelong success.

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